Transform team member well-being.

vellum helps reduce team member burnout and stress by giving space for individuals to share how they feel. Create a connected team environment with habits of authenticity, empathy, and one-on-one outreach.
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Prioritize team member rounding for leaders.

Developed in partnership with healthcare workers, vellum translates simple workplace habits into meaningful, rewarding connections that enable you to:
Identify distressed team members for proactive intervention
Promote and encourage peer-to-peer recognition
Instill a culture of psychological safety 

A simple daily habit for authentic team connection

In less than a minute, team members pause, label, and share
their current emotional state.
Encourage team members to identify how they're feeling.
Optional Sharing
Provide a safe space to share joys and struggles.
Prioritize Support
See team members needing support or give recognition.
Connect & Empathize
Engage in meaningful conversations for genuine connection.

Connected teams are happier and engaged.

Enhance individual and team emotional well-being to reduce turnover, improve outcomes, and increase joy in the workplace.
Triage check-ins icon
Triage check-ins
Prioritize unit and team member rounding based on shared check-ins.
Allocate resources icon
Allocate resources
Use shared check-ins to inform or adjust staffing assignments.
Instant vibe checks icon
Instant pulse checks
Easily see how your team is doing at a glance and understand team dynamics.
Increase retention icon
Increase retention
Professionally satisfied and happier team members are more likely to stay, limiting the use of temporary staffing.
Enhance engagement icon
Enhance engagement
Encourage personal accountability to drive healthier work environments and enhance workplace civility.
Transform engagement icon
Transform culture
Healthier organizational cultures drive patient-centered care leading to happier patients and better outcomes.

Connection and support for the whole team

vellum helps me start my day. I get a pulse check on how my team members are doing and that helps me prioritize who I need to meet with that day
Samantha Smith
Nursing Unit Manager
vellum has sparked conversations with my teammates that I don’t think would have happened otherwise. I’m getting to connect with my peers at a deeper level.
Trevor Johnson
Registered Nurse
When I am not on site or on the floor, vellum helps me understand how my units are functioning.
Mohamed Khan
Nursing Unit Manager
I checked-in as frustrated in the vellum app. My assignment included four patients that were high fall risks, and I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep them all safe. Our team lead adjusted my patient assignment.
Emily Davis
Patient Care Technician
vellum is helping us create a culture of psychological safety. We have had team members come forward who were in great personal distress, and we were able to give them the support they needed. I don’t believe they would have come forward prior to implementing vellum.
Laura Rodriguez
Chief Nursing Officer
Nicole Marshall
Trevor Johnson Profile