Handling the human side of leadership

At vellum, we are passionate about the power of people. We believe most managers are too, but they lack the time, tools, and training to unlock their teams effectively. We are here to ease managers' workload and equip them for impact.
Our Story

Effective teams begin with strong leaders.

"How can we better support nurses?"

It all started with this simple question. Through the pandemic we had seen the extreme emotional toll on those serving on the frontlines. We realized that the signs of distress and burnout long preceded COVID and would continue long afterwards unless we did something fundamentally different.

After countless discussions with nurses and their leaders, we came to the conclusion that the problem was human and so must be the solution. We needed to find a way to help them build deep, authentic relationships with the people around them. Even in the midst of ongoing, broad, structural issues, we could enable individual-level relief and even thriving with technology to unlock genuine human connection.

As we started down this path and began seeing tangible impact from our efforts, we uncovered a deeper layer within the problem. Frontline managers were best positioned to engage their teams, but the managers themselves were overburdened and underdeveloped. If we wanted to help the staff, we had to help the managers. By making it easier for managers to engage their teammates in effective ways, we could strengthen both the leaders and their teams.

The challenges we are addressing with vellum are not unique to healthcare. Organizations everywhere are struggling to properly care for their people. And managers are the beachhead in this battle. At vellum we aspire to build a better world…one person, one leader, one team at a time.
Our Team

The people behind the scenes

It takes more than great minds to build a company that can change the way people treat each other. It requires hard work, resilience, and big hearts!
John Larsen
Founder & CEO
Zach Runyan
Technology & Product
Daria Byrne
Customer & Product Advisor
Nataly Kogan
Wellbeing Advisor
Joshua Wexler
Behavioral Science Advisor
Brian Norris
Customer & Informatics Advisor
Heather Hudnall
Sales Advisor
Eileen Mera
Sales Advisor